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Order a copy of Save That Time today!

Prices for Save That Time

CDs $18.00 each
Cassette Tapes $13.00 each

Prices INCLUDE ground shipping inside the U.S.

order form

Use this easy order form. Simply print the form, fill out all the info, and send it, with your check, back to Julie.

OR . . .

To order Save That Time , simply send a a list of how many CDs or tapes you want, with a check for the total amount, along with your name and shipping address to:

Julie Turner
9650 W 116th St
Overland Park KS 66210


Get this PDF file that will print Julie's name and address on a blank envelope.

Click HERE to get the PDF file.

When printing the envelope, you MAY need to change the Paper Size to a Number 10 Envelope. This is done by selecting PROPERTIES for your printer. The specific procedures may differ on your machine, but the main idea is to change to a #10 envelope size.


For help with ordering, or with anything on this site,
E-MAIL Julie, julie@turnerkc.com.

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